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Whether you are starting, or adding to, your family through gestational surrogacy, it’s a very exciting time and Oregon Surrogacy Law is here to help. We work with intended parents and gestational surrogates throughout the journey, from drafting and negotiating surrogacy agreements, to ensuring that intended parents gain full legal rights to their children.

Our approach to surrogacy law is unique, as our attorney has the benefit of having gone through the process himself. His twins (a son and daughter, now in college) were born through gestational surrogacy, so he knows, firsthand, the various issues that are important to having a successful experience for intended parents and gestational carriers.

Oregon Surrogacy Law is a relaxed, comfortable firm where you get personal attention and top legal representation.

Pacific Northwest Roots

Licensed to practice law in Oregon &  Washington — we also work with attorneys in other jurisdictions, both domestically and internationally.

All Families

Oregon Surrogacy Law works with all couples and individuals — LGBTQ and straight.

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We are happy to offer flat-rate fees to help keep costs fixed and under control, as well as reasonable hourly rates when appropriate.

“Family is not an important thing, it's everything —Michael J. Fox

“Children see magic because they look for it.” —Christopher Moore

“Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life.” —Albert Einstein

“With every newborn baby a little sun rises.” —Irmgard Erath

Making history

Stephan Otto and his partner were the first couple in Oregon to obtain a pre-birth court judgment declaring them the legal parents of their children. Having this established before their children were born, validated their family legally and gave them a wonderful peace of mind as they planned for their children’s births. This was especially important to them as a non-traditional couple starting a family in 2003. It also had tangible benefits when communicating with the hospital about their birth plan and wishes, as well as relieving some of the post-birth legal hurdles others may face in establishing parental rights.

Our goal at Oregon Surrogacy Law is to help you with the legal process, so you can focus on the process of creating, or growing, your family.

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I’m Stephan Otto, and I started Oregon Surrogacy Law with the goal of providing intended parents and gestational carriers superior legal help in all aspects of their surrogacy journeys.

My style is two-way, hands-on, and fully dedicated to finding the best solutions and results for your individual situation.


A little about me: I grew up in a large family, primarily in Utah, moved to California as a young adult, and later made Portland my home. The first part of my legal career was in legislation and government affairs. I also taught for many years as an adjunct law professor. When not working, I enjoy time with my family and a seemingly endless list of side projects — including all things yard & garden, writing, and video production. I am also an avid reader,  collector of eclectic music, hobby chef, sports dad, wannabe-more-frequent traveler, mushroom hunter, and a certifiable tech geek.

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